Why is family photography important? Is it about art and beautiful images for your home? Yes, absolutely – but also – its about memories.
Memories of childhood are so so important – both to us as parents now, and also to our kids. Did you know that having photos of your children and your family on your walls has actually been shown to increase their sense of belonging and self worth and increase their confidence? How many pictures of your children do you have displayed at home?
Children also love to look back on images that capture you together – that capture the love of their family and their parents. If you really want family photos, don’t wait for the day that you feel slimmer, more attractive, less tired… that’s not what your kids will remember. Your kids will remember their loving parents, the fun they had out in the park and how much they loved cuddling you in the grass, getting a piggy back through the lavender fields or clambering over trees in the wood. Exist for your kids – exist now – and in their memories…
By displaying photographs of our children at different stages of their lives, we are making a very public statement that we are proud of them. It's very significant that the two reasons people give for loving a particular photograph is that it reminds them of a happy time taken with family. These things are so important to us." 
Professor Geoff Beattie.

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